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Visitec Marketing Associates, Inc. was founded in 1986 as a manufacturer representation company headquartered in St. Charles Illinois. In 2001, Visitec launched the distribution side of the company providing value-added distribution sales and support for Tandberg Video Conferencing and other video conferencing related products. In 2010, when Tandberg was acquired by Cisco, Visitec was named a Cisco Authorized Distributor for the United States and Canada. Today, Visitec offers both distribution and representation of a select group of manufacturers that provide solutions based technology for collaborative environments and information consumption oriented applications.

Visitec's Latest Blogs

Time For A New Way Of Thinking On Recurring Revenue Compensation
We’ve probably reached a point in the integration and collaboration technology world where we don’t need any more articles about the importance of recurring revenue. I mean, after all, it has been written before. Heck in a world where so many people are sharing ideas it feels like everything has been said before. However, we suppose as long as there are still people that haven’t heeded our advice then maybe one (or many) more article(s) on the topic still serve a purpose. In short, the trends...
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Featured Products

  • RoboSHOT Conference

    RoboSHOT Conference

    The RoboSHOT Conference HD PTZ Camera is a professional quality PTZ camera with high quality imaging, fine detail and exceptional color reproduction. This camera offers integrators, dealers and end users with an incredible improvement over other conferencing cameras available today.

  • vNetCall


    Video conferencing as a service. vNetCall is a total video collaboration service On the devices of your choice Delivered from the cloud. vNetCall.com


Our goal is to provide you with outstanding pre-sales and post-sales support around collaboration technologies.

Contact Us

  • 2020 Dean Street, Unit H
    St. Charles, IL 60174
  • 1-800-998-5269