The wePresent WiPG-1600 is the tool you've been missing to integrate your collaborative spaces. In classrooms or meeting spaces with existing hardware, the WiPG-1600 integrates seamlessly to bring you wireless BYOD environments.

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WiPG-1600 - Features

Cross Platform Windows
Macbooks. iOS. Android. Connect it all Wirelessly. With wePresent, BYOD meets wireless projection.

64-User Queue
Up to 64 users can connect to the wePresent gateway making it a truly collaborative experience.

Quadrant Display
Allows users to project up to 4 devices onscreen at the same time, and wirelessly collaborate in real time.

1080p Resolution
With both an onboard VGA and HDMI video output, you can let classroom and conference room users wirelessly project in resolutions up to full 1080p.

Auto-detect Output Resolution
Auto-detect the output resolution of your display

wePresent allows video mirroring at up to 30-frames-per-second for smooth video playback.

LAN Port
If wePresent is hardwired to your network, users can connect to your network as usual to wirelessly present and still maintain internet.

Touchscreen Control (Multi Touch)
Supports up to 6 separate finger-touch gestures on the touchscreen display

USB Input Control
Use a Bluetooth mouse to play USB media files, control projecting computers, access teacher/moderator control or select users from the queue.

Customized Standby Screen
Completely customize the splash screen, so it’s the first thing users see.

HTTPS Browser Encryption
Offers enhanced security through SSL encryption of the admin panel and moderator pages

SNMP Network Manager
Manage all wePresent devices on a single TCP/IP network, including firmware updates and IP configuration

AES 128-bit Data Encryption
Offers enhanced security by adopting AES 128-bit encryption on mirroring data and https encryption for web browsing data.

iOS Mirroring (AirPlay Support)
Mirror your iOS devices through AirPlay. Supports up to 1080p resolution.

Teacher/ Moderator Control
Allows a designated moderator to select and control which device in queue will be displayed on screen.

Guest USB Token (Plug & Show)
Create a fast Plug-and-Show USB token from the start screen, enabling guests to give a wireless presentation without installing software on their computer

Audience WebSlides
Enables audience to follow along at their own pace and with their own device.

SidePad Mobile Control
Turn a mobile phone or tablet into a remote control for any projecting Mac or PC.

AirPad Support
Write, draw and annotate, but also control any projecting computer using the special AirPad.

SharePod Support
Support provided for the wePresent SharePod device.

Active Learning Environments

The WiPG-1600 is the perfect solution for traditional classrooms, smart classroom, huddle-style classrooms, and SCALE-UP classrooms. Read more about our classroom technology solutions.

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