Boundary Mics

cs3 rfCS-RF Series Boundary Layer Professional Microphones

The CS Series (Consultant Series) was developed as a result of input and recommendations from key consultants in boardroom AV integration. The goal was to minimise the number of microphones on the conference table, but also keeping in mind performance, ease of installation and aesthetics, essential considerations in such projects.

cs4sn rf

CS-RF Series Boundary Layer Professional Switched Microphones

The Consultant Boundary Series with inbuilt electronic touch sensitive switch. Developed to minimise the number of Microphones on the conference table whilst maintaining high performance and ease of installation

arm202 rf

Retracta Motorised ARM Microphones

The ARM series is a boundary layer through table omni-directional microphone, with a built-in motorised mechanism that will allow the user to make the microphone disappear without having to physically touch it or remove it from the table. A positive (+2.5V to +12V) signal applied to the DSP control port will simultaneously activate all ARM motorised microphones connected to the ARM-C (control box M1 – M4 RJ45 motor outlet ports).

crm200s rf

CRM Retractable condenser microphones

The CRM series is a boundary layer, through-table, omni-directional condenser microphone, with a built-in mechanism that will allow the user to make the microphone ‘disappear’ without having to physically remove it from the table. This is achieved by simply pressing the top of the microphone downwards until it locks; then by pressing the microphone again it will raise itself back to its original position above the surface of the table. Engineered in high quality brass with built-in shock mount and RF filter.

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