Gooseneck Microphones

c31 halo

C 3 Halo Series Goosenecks

These Halo versions of the C 3 Series are designed specifically for use in conference systems or other applications where speaker identification is required.

  • Response optimised for consistent sound quality.
  • Unobtrusive slimline design.
  • Superior grade components.
  • Open ended base mounting.
  • Engineered in high quality brass.
  • Fully flexible Gooseneck shaft.
  • Finish: Satin Black.

c800C 800 Goosenecks (Mini Shotgun)

Slim, mini shotgun, hypercardioid microphone developed for speech purposes in a wide range of pro and live sound applications including places of worship, conference and leisure centres, banks and financial trading centres.

  • Optimised for speech clarity
  • Slimline gooseneck
  • Superior grade components
  • Finish: Satin Black or White.

d43D43/D44 Dynamic Goosenecks

Dynamic cardioid gooseneck microphone suitable for speech purposes in a variety of commercial audio applications.

  • Rugged all-metal construction
  • Response optimised for speech
  • Finish: Satin Black.

dmb1 d43 comboDMB 1/DMB 2 Desk Paging Microphones

Simple but effective, easy to use Desk Paging cardioid microphones for use in all types of industrial, commercial, entertainment and retail paging applications.

  • Single and two zone options
  • Choice of dynamic cardioid microphones (D 33, D 34, D 43 or D 44)
  • Latched or momentary switching
  • Rugged, all-metal construction
  • Finish: Matt Black.

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