Headworn & Lavalier


CTH 100 Throat Microphone

This throat microphone has been engineered to provide superb speech intelligibility even in high background noise environments. Special attention has been given to ensure a comfortable wear over long durations with ergonomic strap and transducer housing design.

  • Electret condenser throat Microphone.
  • Frequency response optimised for clear speech communications even under high ambient noise situations. 
  • Water immersion resistant.
  • Finish: Black.


CL 4 Lavalier Omni-directional Microphone

Ultra miniature, omni-directional lavalier condenser microphone suitable for hands-free applications in pro-audio. Available in black or beige, complete with windshield and tie clip.

  • Lavalier back electret condenser Microphone.
  • Terminating with a TA4F Tini Q (mini XLR).
  • Supplied with tie clip and foam windshield.
  • Finish: Black or Beige.


CMH 2000 Micro Lightweight Headworn Boom Microphones

Extremely lightweight and low profile professional microphone for use in theatres, presentations, broadcast studios and places of worship. Shaped and lightly sprung to fit any head contour and remain in place even during high activity. Flexible boom arm for optimum positioning of microphone.

  • Head worn boom Microphone.
  • Back electret condenser microphone with Omni-Directional polar pattern.
  • Extremely lightweight and low profile.
  • Resilient plastic construction design.
  • Flexible boom arm.
  • Perspex drip barrier.
  • Finish: Matt Black or Beige.


HW 1500 Rugged Lightweight Headworn Boom Microphone

Rugged and lightweight for use in presentations, commentaries, broadcast reporting and by instructors - waterproof microphone makes it particularly suitable for aerobic and fitness instructors. Shaped, lightly sprung and with headband to fit all head contours comfortably and remain in place even with vigorous activity.

  • Lightweight head worn Microphone.
  • Resilient non corrosive plastic construction.
  • Flexible Microphone boom arm.
  • Highly flexible cable remains subtle under long exposure of perspiration / cosmetics.
  • Terminating in a Tini Q (mini xlr) 4 Pin connector.
  • W 2 Foam windshield fitted to microphone capsule.
  • Finish: Matt Black.

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