Modular Microphones


C 900 Combination Series

A series of easily interchangeable microphones, stands and shafts giving flexibility in choice of microphone and accessories for a wide range of applications including broadcast, conference halls, places of worship, leisure centres, etc. Finished in satin black.

  • C 900 Rugged wide band cardioid condenser microphone for multiple use.
  • C 3H Short slimline cardioid condenser microphone for use in controlled acoustic environments.
  • C 800H Hyper-cardioid condenser mini shotgun microphone useful in a wide range of pro and live sound speech applications.
  • Finish: Satin Black or White (C 3HW).

ca700 rfCA 700/CA 900 Floor Standing Long Shafts

Long, rigid shafts of 700mm and 1200mm respectively. Each connects to a short (350mm) upright shaft by a separate, lockable swivel joint allowing adjustments to angle, height and reach.

  • Long Shaft includes Phantom Power Adaptor at bottom end terminated in Male 3 pin XLR.
  • Knuckle joint at microphone end terminated with Tini Q 3 pin female connector.
  • Short shaft connects to SM 155 floor mounting, shock absorbing base (sold separately).
  • Finish: Satin Black.

ca30 rfCA 30/CA 40 Semi Rigid Shafts

Semi-rigid 300mm and 400mm shafts fitted with Phantom Power Adaptor at the bottom end terminated in Male 3 pin XLR and knuckle joint at tip with Tini Q 3 pin Female connector.

  • Integrated Phantom Power Adaptor
  • Male 3 pin XLR termination
  • Finish: Satin Black.

c901e rf 01 800x800C 901E Series (featuring 900 Capsule)

These 900 Series Microphones feature the C 900 cardioid condenser capsule and CAK Phantom Power Adaptor with knuckle joint for horizontal rotation and vertical angle adjustment.

  • Integrated Phantom Power Adaptor
  • Male 3 pin XLR termination
  • Finish: Satin Black.

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