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IP-DXL Display Control Center

IP DXL Front 500x200

Contemporary Research’s IP-DXL Display Control Center is the newest product for display control over Ethernet, sending control commands as UDP broadcast data packets to all QIP-D and QIP-DVX IPTV Decoder/Controllers on the network.  Its flexibility allows it to communicate with individual displays, groups, zones, or all displays using any one of three software options:  the onboard DX Lite web pageDisplay Express Software from Contemporary Research, or third-party control systems.    

The IP-DXL Display Control Center can send commands for channel, volume and power to the QIP-D and QIP-DVX IPTV Decoder/Controllers.  The QIP-D and QIP-DVX IPTV Decoder/Controllers are MPEG2/H.264 IPTV Decoders with built-in display control and have an onboard database of control protocols for common displays.  Display, power, and source selection commands are sent through the decoder/controllers and translated to the protocol specific to the display.  As a result, custom programming is not required for display control.

DX Lite Web Page

The DX Lite web page can be configured to control up to 128 TVs, 24 channels, and 16 groups.  No additional software is required, and the entire system can be controlled from any web-enabled device such as a smartphone or tablet.

Display Express Software

By purchasing the additional Display Express Software which resides on a PC, the Display Control Center can be expanded to support up to 4000 TVs and 256 channels.  The software offers increased flexibility by providing the ability to define presets, perform advanced scheduling, configure multiple user levels, zones, etc. 

Note:  DX Lite does not convert to Display Express.  The user must reconfigure the complete system with the new software.  If using Display Express Software, please refer to the “Display Express Software Manual” for detailed instructions.

Custom Control Systems

Custom control systems can connect to the Display Control Center through RS-232, front or rear panel USB, or Ethernet, sending commands via the published Contemporary Research ICC-Net protocol, controlling all decoders and displays through a single control port. 

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