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What do stadiums, arenas, casinos, entertainment venues, as well as civic, church and corporate video systems around the country share in common? The sites have many displays, TVs, and video projectors already connected together over the RF coax cable system. To create an integrated display control system, you could run new Ethernet or control wires to all the sets, but that’s an expensive option. With Display Express, you have all the benefits of Web-driven Ethernet control, while using the control wire that’s already there - the existing RF cable.

Key Features

  • Operates on user Windows XP Pro through 10 (Home or Pro), Windows Server, or rack-mount Display Express PC
  • Serves display control Web pages to facility LAN
  • Display pages automatically create Web buttons for commands
  • Schedule pages launch presets by date, time, and cycle
  • Alert pages create buttons for video paging and alerts
  • Web Control Panels can be created assigned to users
    • Preset panels trigger Presets from interactive buttons
    • TV Control panels select TVs and change channels, volume, and power
  • Sends commands to through-the-RF Head End
  • Free updates at any time, just download updater in Resources
  • DX Find app searches network for DX server


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