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Venue Vizion IPTV

VVIPTV 500x200

Venue Vizion IPTV was modeled after CR’s easy to use RF coax video distribution solution with display control, Venue Vizion. The AV over IP video solution includes the QIP-D IPTV Decoder/Controllers, ICE-HE-DXL Display Control Center and QIP IPTV Encoders. Rack-ready, preset, and operational out-of-the-box, Venue Vizion IPTV is cost effective, easy to install, simple to maintain,and can be utilized in various applications. Venue Vizion IPTV distributes 8 IP streams and 20 displays but can be scaled to accommodate larger projects.
Venue Vizion IPTV provides the ability to create multiple in-house channels of high-definition content from satellite or cable receivers, PCs, media players and other sources. Venue Vizion’s IPTV Display Control Center hosts easy-to-use Web pages for control and sends commands over the same RF coax as the digital channels.  With the included TV Controllers, multiple TVs and video walls can be commanded with the touch of a button.
Easy to Install - The system is rack ready, preset, and operational out-of-the-box with only a few steps taken by the user.
Easy to Adapt - While the system is pre-configured for simplicity, it is not limited in application. Two different models of QIP Encoders can be specified and 20 QIP-D Decoder/Controllers are included and additional ones can be added at any time.
Easy to Use - With a PC, tablet, or smart phone, multiple users can access the DX Lite Web page for one-click control.

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