Control Mount

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Elegantly Mount and Charge iPad In-Wall

Control Mount is the original in-wall mount for iPad, ready for both residential and commercial applications.  Use iPad as a control touch panel or information center in the home, or leverage iPads in the office as digital signage screens or conference room schedulers.  With its small, minimalist and paintable bezel, Control Mount will blend into a variety of decors, maintaining the elegance of your space.

Transform iPad into a Touch Panel or Digital Sign

Low-Profile iPad Frame

Control Mount's paintable, minimalist bezel blends into a variety of design motifs from residential to commercial. Keep iPad low-profile on a wall as the Control Mount bezel protrudes only 3mm from the wall surface.

VoltPortĀ® Electronics

VoltPort ensures your iPad will remain charged in the wall from distances up to 250 ft. via low voltage wiring.  You can even utilize a commercial power supply to power multiple iPads from one supply.

Secure Mounting

With a built-in theft-deterrent component, Control Mount will ensure that your iPad stays in the wall, especially in public-use applications.

The System

iport control drawing

Control Mount consists of a BackBox, fascia assembly and charging electronics.  The iPad installs into the fascia assembly and uses Apple's provided iPad lightning cable for connecting to Control Mount's charging electronics. The assembly is then magnetically mounted into the BackBox resulting in mount that only protrudes just over 4 mm from the wall.

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