James Loudspeaker

James Loudspeaker is an industry leader in both high-performance residential and commercial speaker solutions for indoor, outdoor, and marine applications. Designing and manufacturing since 1999, we take great pride in our innovative solutions, unprecedented customization capabilities, flawless sonic reproduction and superior fit and finish.

AT Series

The AT (All-Terrain) Series is the signature landscape speaker line from James Loudspeaker.


Customizable soundbar solutions to suit each individual application.

Wedge Series

Specialized all-terrain boundary speaker systems for integration into a 90 degree corner.

Custom Designs

James Loudspeaker has the unique capability of designing and manufacturing totally custom solutions to your installation problems. This can be a simple as a special paint color, dimension change or driver upgrade to an existing product, or as complex as an entirely new product.

Since almost all of our enclosures are hand fabricated from aircraft grade aluminum, we can custom fabricate just about any shape or size system. Custom networks are also designed by our engineering team and even special transducers are developed if required.

Product Availability

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