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VISIONiQ Fine Pitch Indoor LED

Designed to be designed to be very a reliable, fast and simple system to install and service

mri indoor feature

Our system includes engineering, drawings, manufacturing, installation/commissioning, ongoing maintenance, creative and scheduling services.

ONE universal system across 12 pixel pitches.

Our universal system across all pixel pitches, 1mm to 4mm, has been designed for up time with comprehensive redundancy. All cabinets come in a standard size with a 16:9 aspect ratio with no external cables, and a simple inter-connection lock mechanism to avoid seams. There is also a half size which comes in a 9:8 aspect ratio for custom projects. Front access modules and magnetic design allows maintenance to be finished within seconds. All modules also come in the same dimensions, which allows for inexpensive upgrades as technology is constantly improving.

Sense X, automatic and continuous calibration for perfect uniformity

Sense X, the automatic, continuous color and brightness calibration system, ensures that the complete wall gives a perfectly balanced image at all times. What’s more, Barco has also re-engineered the design of the panels to counter all possible variations in brightness from the center to the edges. 

Setup and maintenance can be performed even faster and more easily using the upgraded UniSee Connect module. A wizard guides you through the complete installation process, and the individual panels are automatically recognized by the software upon introduction. The local dimming feature brings higher contrast, lower radiated heat and reduced power consumption.

All VISIONiQ displays include multiple visual enhancements to produce best in class images.

From engineering, drawings, manufacturing, attachment to installation and commissioning, the VISIONiQ product has been constructed to follow the same high expectations of our outdoor products. Included in these expectations, are our 7 levels of redundancy. Included in this list would be the photocell and brightness control, dual path data signal, receiver/scanning card, controller or sending device, PC, power supplies and internet communication redundancies. To bring everything together to promote maximum uptime and meantime between failure, we ‘ve included real-time alerting and reporting via email, web portal and API. Ultra-high refresh rates for optimal image quality – static, video and live video.

Features of the VISIONiQ Indoor Display.


  • Each individual cabinet has a perfect 16:9 aspect ratio
  • Universal cabinet for all pixel pitches, can be upgraded post-installation
  • All direct connections for modules
  • High reliability/uptime

Turnkey Solutions

  • Installation, engineering, structural, electrical and project management
  • Canadian quote include an installation budget if the location is provided
  • Commissioning
  • AV integration

Product Environment

  • Viewing distance/elevation
  • Brightness
  • Ease of service
  • Cabinets designed for rapid installation, specifically for after hours installations

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