MT Canvus Connect

MT Canvus

Advanced visual collaboration

Multitaction Canvus Connect has been designed as an advanced visualisation platform that enables organisations to solve some of the most pressing issues they face today, such as how to compete by getting to market faster, increasing productivity within their teams and delivering value from information intensive projects such as big data or business analytics. MT Canvus achieves this by allowing a wide variety of unlimited information sources to be worked on by an unlimited number of people* in parallel.  

MT Canvus Connect extends this capability to geographically dispersed employees, partners or customers to collaborate as naturally as they would using MT Canvus in the same room.

MT Canvus Connect in focus

Take a look at the solution which is changing the way the world works

Not every location can house a large video wall so MT Canvus and MT Canvus Connect has been developed to run across a wide variety of devices from simple Laptops, to meeting room systems like Microsoft Surface Hub™ or CISCO Spark™ all the way up to the largest interactive display surface possible.  

All of these devices can collaborate together in one room if required but with Multitaction Canvus-Connect they can now be in different parts of the world.  Imagine being able to actually work on images and data in real time globally.

Canvus connect diagram

Everyone can be 'local'

Switch it up, from local teams working as one, to immeditaley joining up with another location for them to join the discussion. This is collaboration in the true meaning of the word. We've all been that lone voice in a conference call, or a meeting. Now, those days are gone and that lone voice can participate.

Canvus laptop1 diagram

Join the discussion anywhere on your device

Built for touch, MT Canvus and Canvus Connect are compatabile on a variety of third party touch devices - You no longer have to be in the room to join in. While your colleagues are in the office working on an iWall, you can be at home or on the train and still be a part of the conversation. Download product specifications


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