CC520 Classroom Camera

cc520 360xAI teacher tracking Camera Perfect For All Classrooms

Nexvoo CC520 CLASSCAM is a high-definition lecturer auto-tracking and framing video conference camera for classroom with 6mm focal length, which provides an easy plug-and-play connection to your laptop, PC and computer.

Nexvoo CC520 conference camera for hybrid class 3000x3000Perfect for Online Teaching

Suitable for classroom, experience 4K UHD auto tracking camera, which can control almost any application environment and greatly improve online teaching experience.

Nexvoo CC520 AI auto teacher body tracking 3000x3000Teacher Tracking Camera Features with AI Body Movement Tracking

CC520 uses AI technology to recognize and track teacher's movement across a field of view. Body movement tracking camera gives operators the ability to track an individual and even customize frame settings to capture entire white board spaces.


Nexvoo CC520 preset zone 3000x3000Preset Zone Tracking

Users can create two unique zones within a scene, such as a whiteboard area or a platform. When a teacher moves within these zones, the camera will stay fixed on this zone, so the audience does not miss any important information. 

Additional Features

Mirror The Video
Users can easily rotate the vertical direction of the video.

USB Plug-And-Play Connectivity
With no special software, training, or maintenance required, connecting to a remote classroom has never been easier.

Remote Control
Easily operate camera pan/tilt/zoom and audio functions (mute) during video teaching.

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