N120W Conference Bar

Dual-Cam video Conference Bar Perfect For Large To Medium-Sized Meeting RoomsN120

Nexvoo's new generation of large to medium-sized meeting room video bar DoubleView Pro N120W, using a combination of 4K ultra-wide-angle lens and telephoto lens, dual-camera collaboration, taking into account the panoramic view and detail presentation of the meeting room. With the built-in Android 10.0 system, there is no need to bring a PC or Mac to the meeting room.

Nexvoo N120W Android system video conference bar 3000x3000Built-In Android 10.0 System

N120W video collaboration bar is built-in Android 10.0 system. Most of the video conferencing applications like zoom,teams and Google meet can be operated without a laptop or a Mac. Users can remotely operate the system after connecting to the screen via HDMI.

Nexvoo N120W4K Dual Camera System,120° Ultra-Wide-Angle Lens

All the participants can be clearly seen. The telephoto camera can zoom in to view details in a larger meeting room. The video bar can automatically optimize the brightness according to lighting conditions, supporting dual 4K HD video conferencing calling and content sharing.

Nexvoo N120W AI auto tracking 3000x3000Multiple AI-Powered Smart Technologies

The sound source location and voice tracking allow you to experience real large-scale audio and video effects of the conference room. N120W can automatically adjust the framing size according to changes in the number of participants and location to present the best viewfinder.


Nexvoo N120W environment noise reduction 3000x3000AI Noise Reduction

With powerful audio pickup and incredible noise reduction technology, every speech can be heard clearly, so that you will not be disturbed. N120W dual-cam Android video collaboration bar is equipped with 8 MEMS microphone arrays and 6 m / 20 feet high-quality pickup distance.

Additional Features

Compatible with Barco ClickShare
N120W Android Dual-camera video conferencing bar is smartly compatible with Barco ClickShare for easy content sharing.

USB Connectivity
N120W can support the connection of PC via USB-C cable, as a USB device of the PC, provide high-quality audio and video capture capabilities for the video conferencing application on the PC

Compatible With Most Video Conference Applications
Users are free to use the any video conferencing applications on desktop, including Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Google Meet, etc.

Realistic Sound Quality
The speaker can bring realistic sound, so that everyone can feel full, excellent sound

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