Google Hangouts Meet Interoperability

The Pexip Google Hangouts Meet interoperability solution allows third-party video conferencing devices and systems to natively join Meet calls. It extends the use of Meet across organizations that have multiple video meeting solutions from vendors such as Cisco and Polycom, or even Skype for Business.

Who's it for?

Pexip video interoperability is perfect for organizations that

  • Use Google G Suite and Hangouts Meet as their productivity and collaboration platforms
  • Have mixed communication environments that need to connect to Hangouts Meet
  • Have standards-based video conferencing environments from vendors such as Cisco, Poly, and others, and want to use these systems to join Meet meetings
  • Are migrating from Microsoft Skype for Business to Meet, and need the two to work with each other
  • Have partners or customers who want to join meetings from Skype for Business, or other video meeting solutions

Works with video conferencing devices

Pexip for Google Hangouts Meet enables non-Google users to join Meet video calls using a SIP or H.323 video conferencing system, Skype for Business, or non-Google web browsers.

Works with Google Calendar

Schedule or set up meetings exactly the way you are used to. No extra software, no extra steps, no extra buttons to push. Everything happens inside the Google Calendar, and all additional information is added automatically.

Works with Skype for Business

Meeting participants that normally use Skype for Business can simply click the join link and use Skype for Business in the meeting, keeping that client’s native user experience, layout, and content sharing abilities.

Easy to join

It’s easy for external users to join Google Hangouts Meet calls. All third-party dial-in instructions are provided by default.

And, when a video conferencing system or Skype for Business client is on a trusted domain, it can even automatically bypass the lobby.

As a cloud service ..

It is easy to get going with Pexip for Google Hangouts Meet as a service. Simply find out how many concurrent connections you will need (how many systems will be joining Meet meetings at the same time) and sign up for the service. Pexip hosts,operates, and supports the service and its functionality so you don’t have to.

.. or self-hosted

For complex and large deployments, you can deploy and run Pexip entirely on-premises or in your own instance on Google Cloud Platform (GCP) - or any other cloud for that matter.

Native integration

Works with Google calendar

G Suite users schedule or set up meetings exactly the way they are used to. No extra software, no extra steps, no extra buttons to push. Everything happens inside the Google calendar, and all needed information is added automatically.

Works with Hangouts Meet hardware kits

Hangouts Meet hardware kits are native Meet solutions and don’t need Pexip to join meetings. However, with Pexip, users can use hardware kits to meet with others using standards-based video conferencing systems.

Works with Google Jamboard

As with the Meet hardware kit, the Google Jamboard is a native Meet meeting solution. However, with Pexip in the mix, you can use the Jamboard to meet and share content with anybody else in the same meeting. And Jamboard works great as a huddle room video endpoint, too.

Supports a wide range of devices

Provides SIP/H.323 and Skype for Business video interoperability into Hangouts Meet and enables most non-Google solutions to join Meet meetings.

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