Microsoft Interoperability

Pexip Cloud Video Interoperability (CVI) enables professional SIP and H.323 video conferencing systems to join Microsoft Teams as if they were native Microsoft clients.

Because Pexip is a Microsoft-certified CVI partner you can rest assured it works as advertised.

Native integration

Pexip natively integrates with the Microsoft Teams workflow. Scheduling meetings from Teams or Outlook automatically inserts video conferencing dial-in details.


When joining a Teams meeting from a third-party endpoint, everyone benefits from the full Teams experience with HD video, audio, and content sharing.

The full experience

Provides the full HD audio and video experience, as well as full content sharing between all participants.

Join Teams meetings with third-party video conferencing systems

Enterprises often have video meeting room solutions from a range of vendors. Not to mention all the video conferencing solutions at customer and partner offices. With Pexip, you can simply enable all of those to join the Microsoft Teams meeting.

As a service ..

Pexip Cloud Video Interoperability for Microsoft Teams is available as a service. Pexip hosts, operates, and supports the service so you don’t need to.

.. or self-hosted

Perhaps you want to be in control of your own video infrastructure? Run it in your own data center, on a public or private cloud? Pexip lets you do all that. And in any combination of all of the above as well.

Native calendar integration

When scheduling a new meeting from Outlook or within the Microsoft Teams client, all the information you need for any meeting participant is automatically added. For everyone in the organization.

Flexible deployments

Self-hosted Pexip Cloud Video Interop for Microsoft Teams can run in 14 Azure data center locations worldwide. No other Cloud Video Interop solution is available in more locations. With Azure's global coverage, you're just a couple of clicks away from your ideal deployment.

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