Enterprise Video Conferencing Infrastructure Solutions

Your video collaboration technology ecosystems, managed.

Pexip infrastructure solutions help IT teams address these key concerns:

  • Meeting platform for simple group video meetings
  • Video conferencing endpoint registration & management with call control handling
  • Network architecture & capacity
  • Network management & monitoring

Pexip Infinity

Dedicated infrastructure with a single software application

Pexip Infinity is a 100% software application that can be deployed to replace current infrastructure or integrate with existing technology to optimize your video conferencing capabilities across hardware and software platforms.

Self-hosted software 

Self-managed solution gives your IT team total control of managing your network. You retain full ownership of your data - we can’t view or access it. Software updates are available to you as soon as they’re ready.

Fully customizable

Build the infrastructure solution you need with flexible deployment and licensing options to scale for your company's existing and future technology.

Video collaboration on any device

Pexip Infinity automatically transcodes leading video and audio codecs and works with SIP / H.323 video endpoints. Users can join meetings online with full browser support, or with the dedicated mobile & desktop app, Pexip Infinity Connect.


Deployment options to suit your organization

Whether you are ready to move your entire infrastructure to the cloud or want to move at your own pace, Pexip Infinity can be deployed to suit your company’s current and future needs.

Choose to host the Infinity software either:

  • On-premises in a secure data center
  • Your choice of private cloud, including:
    • Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud Platform, + more
  • A combination of on-premise and cloud deployments

Network capacity on an unlimited scale

Pexip Infinity can be deployed in data centers anywhere in the world. This means you can place the Infinity conferencing nodes that handle your global call capacity where you know you need them.

Deploy as many Pexip Infinity conferencing nodes as you need to scale for unlimited capacity.

  • Choose where to deploy your conferencing nodes
    • Build capacity smartly, based on your global capacity requirements and to handle local variations in usage and network traffic
  • IT admins can easily configure new conferencing nodes directly from the management dashboard to scale new capacity instantly

A scalable solution built for IT teams

Our flexible licensing options let you enable as many user-friendly virtual meeting rooms as you need. 

  • Intuitive IT management dashboards & tools
  • Manage your network infrastructure, meeting platform & video conferencing endpoints in one plac
  • Add, delete and configure users, plus integrate with Active Directory for easy user management
  • A range of APIs for custom deep integrations

Better management for video conferencing endpoint hardware

Standards-based video conferencing endpoints (SIP / H.323 devices) are a critical part of your video conferencing ecosystem. Maximizing the ROI of meeting room equipment is a major priority for modern infrastructure solutions.

Manage video conferencing endpoint infrastructure

Register and manage video systems from Cisco, Poly (Polycom), Lifesize. Yealink, + more.

  • Place and receive calls to any standards-based video address inside or outside your organization
  • Calls placed to and from your registered endpoints are routed without needing to go via an external proxy or gatekeeper, or needing to rely on DNS

Custom endpoint deployment options: 

Pexip Infinity

Self-hosted endpoint infrastructure

Manage and register video conferencing endpoints with Pexip Infinity. 

  • Integrate with existing call control solutions, including Cisco UCM & VCS, Polycom DMA & CMA, + many more 
  • Calls placed to and from your registered endpoints are routed without needing to go via an external proxy or gatekeeper, or needing to rely on DNS
  • Simple licensing options to register as many devices as you need

Infrastructure-as-a-service with Pexip Service endpoint subscriptions

Pexip's endpoint subscriptions offer an infrastructure-as-a-service deployment option to manage your video endpoints

  • Register & provision your endpoints onto the Pexip Service global network, with full firewall traversal
  • Advanced call control functionality, with automated phonebook management; replace & simplify complex call control solutions
  • Purchase as many device subscriptions as you need to scale for your whole hardware infrastructure
  • Extend the life of legacy endpoint hardware infrastructure
  • Purchase as a purely service deployment, or combine with Pexip Infinity

Combining Pexip Infinity & Pexip Service endpoint subscriptions

Pexip Infinity can be scaled to integrate with existing call control architecture with large numbers of video endpoints across the globe.

However, managing integrated call control infrastructure can become very complex for large enterprise networks. In addition, maintaining existing third-party call control solutions for things like phonebook management isn’t always the most cost-effective option for large hardware ecosystems.

  • Let’s you build a dedicated infrastructure solution but we handle complex call control architecture 
  • Cost-effective advanced call control - you don’t need to maintain expensive third-party call control and phonebook management
  • Reduce the network capacity infrastructure you need overall for your Pexip Infinity deployment with less

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