RGB Spectrum

MediaWall V Display Processor

MediaWall V 500 Front Panel minThe world’s first true 4K Video Wall Processor for HD and UHD Video Wall Systems

RGB Spectrum’s MediaWall® V Display Processor is the world’s first true 4K video wall processor, offering up to 4K resolution I/O, single wire connectivity and fully scalable windows.

Up to 4K UHD inputs and outputs on a single wire
Up to 36 inputs, 28 outputs & 64 scalable image windows
Displays live video, applications, and IP decodes
Full HDCP copy protection capabilities
Hybrid architecture with a dedicated processor for applications
Real-time processing with no dropped frames
Up to 60 preset layouts
Edge-blend overlap and bezel compensation
Intuitive user interface with thumbnails

The MediaWall V display processor features an architecture that combines the real-time processing and reliability of a hardware-based processor with the flexibility of a separate processor to run applications. Add in integrated IP capabilities, extensive user-friendly features, enhanced security and an intuitive, easy-to-operate control interface. The result is a 4K video wall processor with enough power and versatility to drive both HD and UHD video wall systems.

The MediaWall V processor supports up to 36 video/graphic direct inputs and up to 28 outputs/display devices. It processes a full range of I/O resolutions including 4K (4096 x 2160), UHD (3840 x 2160), 2K (2048 x 1152/1080), and HD (1920 x 1080). Inputs are fully scalable for output to a UHD video wall or for display on standard video walls. An optional Application Processor (AP) decodes IP camera and other H.264 streams. HDCP capability allows the display of protected content.

The 4K video wall processor can display any configuration of window layouts across a multi-screen array. Windows can be sized as required anywhere, within or across screen boundaries, in any aspect ratio and zoomed in to emphasize details. Signal switching and preset layout recall are fast and seamless

The video wall processor’s web-based set-up GUI supports both local and remote access, "drag and drop" window positioning and scaling, wall layout presets, and input selection. In addition, our newly introduced VIEWTM Controller adds a graphically-enhanced user interface with live thumbnails to enhance system operation. The processor can also be controlled by a variety of third-party devices.

For the ultimate in flexibility, the MediaWall V processor is compatible with RGB Spectrum’s MultiPoint® control room management system — an innovative hardware and software platform that provides operators with arbitrated keyboard and mouse (KVM) control over system resources.

MultiPoint Enterprise is ideal for mission-critical control room applications such as command centers, debriefing centers, security operations centers (SOCs), emergency operations centers (EOCs), industrial/process control and SCADA system monitoring. The system's unique design isolates critical systems from the network, effectively protecting sensitive data from external tampering, malware and viruses.

The versatile MediaWall V processor can control a video wall plus auxiliary monitors or even multiple video walls. It is ideal for simulation training, modelling, high-resolution video surveillance, and other graphically-rich applications. When used with 4K projectors, the processor provides adjustable overlaps for edge-blending to enable immersive, seamless UHD displays that span entire rooms - ideal for museums, theaters, auditoriums and a range of other venues.

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