Synergy Sky

SynergySky's software applications for easier meeting room and videoconference management in every step - before, during, and after the meeting. Synergy SKY helps users and administrators get more out of video estate and meeting rooms.

Combing data from sensors, behaviour and your calendar is what we call Synergy of Things. 

Synergy of Things

Optimize utilization and availability of meeting rooms with data from iot sensors and behaviour. Get up to 30 % more availability of meeting rooms. Enhance your video conferencing estate with improved usability, features and analytics across video platforms and rooms.  

Synergy JOIN

Schedule video meetings in outlook or google calendar and join with one click from anywhere and any device, regardless of vendor

Synergy control

Monitor and control all video meetings - both scheduled and active - in one place. Puts the video admin on top of any situation faster

Synergy analyze

Understand the trends, patterns and roi of collaboration usage in your organization. Geotagging and maps for visual and exact calculations 

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