Synergy of Things

SoT 1 1Synergy of Things

Synergy of Things is a software solution from Synergy SKY that can leverage data from sensors, behavior and your calendar to make all meetings more efficient.

We make use of the smart sensors in Cisco Room Series and third-party sensors for all other meeting rooms to achieve smarter utilization of meeting resources, through features such as no-show detection and booking vs actual usage reports.


No-show detection

Send alerts or take action on no-show in meeting rooms. 

Booking and utilization reports

Understand usage analytics and resource utilization

No-show warning

Send pre-warnings to administrators or organizers if there is no one present in the room

Auto release of no-show rooms

Apply your policies and get more available rooms

Get the ghost out of your meeting rooms

Ghost meetings are meeting rooms that are booked but no-one shows up - or are left empty long time before the actual scheduled time. 

Our study reveals that in the average 8 hour working day, meeting rooms are fully booked out some 90% of the day, yet on average, 30% of meetings booked are “no-shows”.

Make the Cisco Webex Room Series the most versatile end-point on the market

Synergy SKY adds innovation and intelligence to Cisco Webex Room Series by using its sensors for presence and people count

No-show detection

Are you experiencing rooms that are booked but no one is using them? Or did the meeting end earlier than planned? Detect no-show and make the room available to others - automatically.  

sot time freed uåBooking and utilization reports

The Cisco Webex Room Series or other sensors can count meeting participants and presence. Synergy of Things leverages this data to provide usage analytics and resource utilization.

By cross-checking the data from booked versus actual meeting room usage, Synergy of Things provides workplace analytics, such as space and technology utilization, and shows how to radically improve the meeting process.

Room Panel2No-show detection and room release options

The Cisco Room Series or motion sensors can detect presence in a meeting room, and paired together with Synergy of Things, can now inform the meeting organizer when a booked room is not being used.

You can even implement procedures like releasing the booking of an unused room while preserving a virtual meeting.

How can Synergy SKY help your meetings to be successful?

Before the  meeting: one consistent way to schedule and start all meetings

During the meeting: Stay on top of every situation and be in full control

After the meeting: Analyze usage, create custom reports and measure ROI

One application to optimize your meeting and conference estate and boost your team performance

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