Videxio managed by Visitec

Videxio is a cloud video conferencing service managed by Visitec. With more than 25 years in business, Visitec operates as the resellers’ trusted advisor and value added resource providing products, service and support for advanced collaboration and audio visual technologies.

Cloud video conferencing

Enjoy high quality video conferencing from the device of your choice, the location of your choice and the network of your choice. Bring your worlds together on video – affordably and simply.

Make video simple

With no complex technical setup required, our cloud solution enables video meetings in seconds, right out of the box. Host, invite, and manage meetings with a few simple clicks.

Join with any device

In the office or on-the-go, easily join video meetings from any device: PC/Mac, tablet, mobile, or videoconferencing systems. The choice is yours.

Invite anyone

Interoperability means that your guests can join your meetings from the video platform or web browser of their choice. Seamlessly connect people and technologies.

Enjoy high-quality HD video

Our dedicated video backbone provides a reliable, high-performing video experience for both you and your guests. Every time.


Our goal is to provide you with outstanding
pre-sales and post-sales support around
collaboration technologies

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