SightLine Consoles

Sight Line Large

Sight-line control room consoles are ergonomic, modular, and adaptable, giving users flexibility in any control room environment. Sight-Line consoles features the Versa-Trak monitor support system which offers the ultimate in adjustability. Monitor viewing angles and sight lines are easily optimized based on personal needs. Sight-Line is a beautiful control room console with a feature-set second to none.

Key Features

  • Corner Fillers
  • Easy-Access Cable Management
  • Multi-Purpose Locking Doors
  • Anti-Tip Extension
  • Data/Power Access
  • Versa-Trak Monitor Mounting System
  • Decorative TruForm End Panels
  • Rack Mount Turret
  • Adjustable Monitor Mounts
  • Four Monitor Mount Post Heights
  • Optional M-View Monitor Wall
  • Multiple Work Surface Options
  • Slat-Wall Mounting System

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