Pexip Meeting Gateway Bundles for Microsoft Teams Rooms

The Pexip TAP and BYOD bundles feature Logitech’s USB video collaboration systems for meeting spaces with Pexip’s cloud-based gateway services. Pexip provides interoperability between legacy hardware conferencing systems, Skype for Business and Microsoft Teams.

Pexip TAP Bundles

Pexip TAP Bundles For fixed meeting spaces ranging from huddle rooms to medium sized conference rooms, the Logitech TAP systems for Microsoft Teams are ready to collaborate at the touch of a button.  Pexip’s ERC (Enterprise Room Connector) license* puts the dialing instructions for hardware video conferencing systems (Cisco, Poly, etc.) and Skype for Business in the meeting invitation and provides the interoperability to connect to the meetings from anywhere.  Add more TAP systems to enable more spaces and more Pexip ERC licenses to allow more standards-based hardware video conferencing systems to join meetings.

Pexip BYOD Bundles

Like the Pexip TAP bundles, the BYOD bundles are for flex rooms where the user is required to bring their own computer to collaborate.  The Pexip BYOD bundles provide a choice of a Logitech MeetUp, Group or Rally video collaboration system and one Pexip ERC license* to allow other standards based video systems to join the Teams meeting.  Add more Logitech systems to enable more spaces and more Pexip ERC licenses to allow more hardware video conferencing systems to join meetings.

*Pexip ERC license is prepaid for one year of service. Additional years may be purchased upfront or at time of renewal.

Customer's Challenge

Our company is heavily invested in video infrastructure and hardware endpoints. With the effects of COVID-19, there is a shift to smaller spaces and flexible work schedules. We needed to convert existing offices to Microsoft Teams rooms and to allow for our remote workers to stay connected regardless of physical location.


Using the Pexip TAP and BYOD bundles we have created 25 new huddle/meeting rooms, allowing for smaller and safer meetings. Adding Pexip’s Enterprise Room Connector license allows us to maximize our existing standards-based hardware infrastructure by allowing them to join the Teams meetings. It also insures our remote callers can easily join from any device. With the addition of Logitech’s Brio cameras, our remote participants come through loud and clear.

Pexip’s Enterprise Room Connector

Many organizations are using both Microsoft Teams or Skype for Business while still wanting to manage and utilize their professional meeting room systems (SIP/H.323 devices).

Adding the Pexip ERC Basic interoperability solution to a Logitech Teams Room system adds the ability to allow standards-based video systems and Skype for Business users to natively join the Microsoft Teams meeting.

Upgrading to the ERC Premium license provides endpoint registration, domain hosting, virtual meeting room (VMR) and One-Touch Join capabilities.

Pexip ERC Basic

Video Interop Gateway
Custom domain

Pexip ERC Premium

Video Interop Gateway
Management / Analytics
Registration / Provisioning
B2B calling / Firewall traversal
Phonebook / Directory integration
One-Touch Join / Exchange
Secure Lobby Bypass / Custom Domain
Shared VMR per endpoint

Pexip TAP Bundles include everything you need for video meetings. Available in small, medium, and large configurations, these pre-configured systems include a Logitech conference camera, computer mount with cable retention, Logitech Tap touch controller, and a one year Pexip ERC Basic or Premium license

Small Room Bundle

Logitech MeetUp

Medium Room Bundle

Logitech Rally, speaker, & mic pod

Large Room Bundle

Logitech Rally, 2 speakers, & 2 mic pods

Pexip BYOD Bundles deliver quality video and unmatched voice clarity for any size room. Simply connect a computer or laptop through USB, and you’re ready to collaborate. These systems include a Logitech conference camera and a one year Pexip ERC Basic or Premium license.

Logitech MeetUp

MeetUp & Expansion Mic


Group & Expansion Mics

Rally Camera System

Rally Plus Camera System

Customer provides the needed Teams licensing for the room system; configurations in Teams tenant required to enable Cloud Video Interoperability (CVI). Visitec provides technical support from experts that understand AV and collaboration technologies to ensure your success.

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